BTC Loot System Proposal

Thread for feedback:

Howdy everyone, as we grow more efficient at raiding, and as I grow more exasperated with spreadsheets, I believe it is now a good time to discuss moving to a slightly different loot system, a loot system known as BTC. Currently the tentative plan is to provide about a week for feedback before moving to the new system for our raids starting on Monday,  September 9th, 2013  In this first post, I’ll try to give the most condensed version of this system possible. Please respond back with questions, concerns, or other feedback.
BTC Loot System
This is a point-based system with items being won through a bidding process.

All items will be won by bids placed in a silent auction. Bidding works as follows:

  • After bidding on an item is announced interested parties will whisper the loot master with their bids. A custom addon will silently record all incoming bids as well as announcing a winner when bidding closes.
  • After bidding closes the individual with the highest bid wins the item.
  • The final price for the item is:
    •  If only one person bids on a item, they have to pay 1/2 of their bid.
    •  If more than one person bids on a item, the winner pays the price of the second highest bid.
    • If no one bids on an item, it will be sharded.

Points are updated after each raid. New players start out their first raid with 25 BTC. Points are given out at the current values:

  • 10 BTC per Molten Core boss kill
  • 20 BTC per Onyxia kill
  • 25 BTC per BWL boss kill
  • 25 BTC per progression attempt (i.e., 25 points each time you’re in-raid in BWL or another uncleared zone)
  • Smaller BTC rewards for raid items will be announced as needed (BTC rewarded for donating flasks, dreamfoil, etc.)
  • Other miscallaenous points. E.g., 5 points for being on waiting list or being in-raid at raid start time.

To transition from the old system to the new system, the follow conversion rates will be used. Each attendance/veteran point will be worth:

  • 1 Molten Core point is worth 50 BTC
  • 1 Onyxia point is worth 20 BTC
  • 1 BWL point is worth 25 BTC

You can view what your BTC values would be using these conversion rates either in the BTC worksheet in the loot spreadsheet (link]) or on the standings page linked in the top navigation bar in these forums (link).

Q: These point values seem very dumb.
A: They are! Thank you for noticing. I made most these up based on what sounds good, but we may need to tweak them some more.

Q: What does this bidding addon interface look like?
A: Like this!

Q: How can I find out my BTC during raids?
A: Either through the standings page here on the site, or by whispering “!btc <your name>” to anyone running the BTC addon.

Q: What happens if there is a bidding tie?
A: The way the bidding addon is configured right now is:

  • If two people bid at the same cost, its a DUEL TO THE DEATH!
  • If its three or more, its just a rebid.

Obviously the duel idea, while funny, is somewhat stupid (in that it takes up time). The addon will be set to not unhide bid amounts in cases of a tie, and that will make it pretty interesting on the second bidding cycle.

Q: Will we still be doing free rolls for all the dumb loot that sucks?
A: Nope! Everything is either bidded on or sharded. If something really sucks, you can just bid 1 DKP or two and get it on the cheap.
More FAQs coming after I get some feedback!